Printing Instructions

You have two easy printing options:

  1. For professional quality results you can take these materials to a printing facility such as FedEx Kinkos or another local printer. Look in your local phone book for a digital printer which can be a high quality and less expensive alternative. Follow the instructions below when giving these materials to a printer:
    1. Download the poster or other materials onto a disk or cd and give this to the printer
      – or –
    2. Take this web address to the printing facility “
    3. Accompanying each product are specific printing instructions for you to give the print professional.
  1. A low-cost and effective alternative to professional printing is to Print it Yourself!

Product materials can be printed on your home or office printer on normal paper. The product materials with the print at home option have a special link, “Click here to download the PDF file.”  You can increase the usability of your home printed poster by having it laminated at your local copy shop.