Cleaning supplies and equipment

Keep cleaning equipment and supplies clean, in good working condition, and stored safely.

Cleaning equipment you should have:

  • Wet and dry mops
  • Mop pails
  • Brooms
  • Cleaning cloths
  • At least one vacuum cleaner
  • Disposable rags.  Use these instead of reusable sponges because sponges allow germs to grow in trapped organic material.  If you must use sponges, store them in bleach solution between uses.
  • When possible, use a separate sink (not used for food preparation) for cleaning equipment.  The sink should have both hot and cold running water.

Storing Cleaning Supplies

Store housekeeping equipment in a separate, locked space such as a closet or cabinet—not in bathrooms, halls, on stairs, or near food.

Cleaning Potty Chairs

Because potty chairs pose a significant sanitation hazard, it is best not to use them at all.

If potty chairs are used, use a separate sink to wash, rinse, and sanitize the potty-chair bowl and chair surfaces after each use.  This sink should not be used for handwashing or any other purpose.  The person who handles the potty chairs should not be involved in food handling of any type.