Interactive Assessment

The following assessment is designed to help you maintain a safe and healthy child care environment. After completing the assessment, you will receive a personalized checklist of opportunities for you to promote child health and reduce illness/injury in your child care setting.

The full assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete and covers a number of categories critical to maintaining child health and safety. You may choose to complete the full assessment, or to only cover some of the categories.
For each statement, choose the response that is most accurate for your child care setting: Always, Sometimes, Never or Not Applicable.

We understand that not every item in the assessment may be applicable, or even possible, for you. The assessment is meant to give a thorough overview of how your child care setting matches up with international best practices for child health/safety. Even if certain items do not apply to you, after completing the full assessment you will better understand where you have the opportunity for continued improvement.

The assessment is designed to help you understand the strengths of your current environment, and to help you develop a personalized list of items you can start working on to make an even healthier and safer environment for the children in your care.

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