Care of equipment and utensils

General Care:

  • Throw away cracked or chipped dishes or utensils that may harbor bacteria.
  • Be sure that countertops and other food contact surfaces are free of cracks and crevices, that pots and pans are free of pits and dents, and that plates are free of chips and cracks.  Cracks in any surface can harbor germs.
  • Set up a regular cleaning schedule to keep the food preparation area, including all equipment, counters, sinks, and other surfaces clean and sanitized.
  • Thoroughly wash dishes and tableware in hot soapy water after use.

Keeping Countertops and Utensils Clean

  • Only use clean and sanitized cloths, towels, or sponges to wipe countertops or other food contact surfaces.  Cloths, towels, and sponges should be cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Wash food contact surfaces with detergent and water, rinse, sanitize with bleach solution, and air dry.
  • Clean kitchenware, countertops, and other things that have come in contact with spoiled food or raw meat, chicken, or eggs; sanitize by spraying them with the household bleach solution, allowing it to stand for at least two minutes, and then dry with a paper towel or allow to air dry.  Make the bleach solution by mixing 16-20 ml of bleach with 1 liter of water (1 tablespoon bleach per quart of water).
  • Wash high chair trays, bottles, and nipples in a dishwasher, if available.  If the trays do not fit in the dishwasher, wash with detergent, rinse, spray with the bleach solution, and air dry.

Choosing Equipment and Utensils

  • Use food contact surfaces and utensils that are nontoxic, corrosion resistant, nonporous, and nonabsorbent.  It’s best not to use wood utensils or cutting boards because the wood harbors germs.
  • Don’t use utensils with painted handles.
  • If you use disposable utensils or dishes, be sure they are  made of nontoxic materials.
  • Don’t reuse disposable articles or utensils, even if you wash them carefully.

Installing Appliances

  • Install appliances so that they, and areas around them, can be cleaned easily.