Insect and rodent control

Insects and rodents spread germs and are generally unhealthy.

To prevent infestations:

  • Provide screens for exterior windows and doors, and keep screens closed at all times.
  • Close all cracks, holes, and other openings to the outside to prevent rodents and insects from entering.
  • Have a pest control program.

Using pesticides:

  • For flying insects in the food preparation areas, use only approved pyrethrin-based insecticides or a flyswatter.
  • Do not allow insecticides to come in contact with raw or cooked food, utensils, or equipment used in food preparation and serving or with any other food contact surface.
  • Do not use insect strips that hang from the ceiling.
  • All extermination using chemicals and insecticides should be provided only by a certified pest control operator.  Watch where the chemicals or insecticides are applied to be certain that food preparation surfaces and child contact areas are not contaminated.

Storing pesticides:

  • Store pesticides only in their original containers away from child activity and food preparation and storage areas.
  • Lock all storage areas.
  • Post instructions on the safe and proper use of these chemicals in a highly visible location.