First aid kit

Choosing a Proper Container for Your First Aid Kit

Each First Aid Kit should be large enough to hold all the necessary supplies for first aid.

  • Use a container that will close tightly.
  • Store it where adults can reach it easily, but out of the reach of children.
  • Arrange the contents so you can reach items easily without emptying the kit.
  • Be sure that the contents are wrapped tightly and are sanitary.
  • Check the kit after each use
  • Check it monthly as a routine to replace missing or outdated items.

First Aid Kit Contents:

  • disposable non-porous gloves
  • sealed packages of antiseptic for cleaning
  • scissors and tweezers
  • non-glass thermometer for taking a child’s temperature
  • bandage tape
  • sterile gauze pads
  • flexible roller gauze
  • triangular bandages
  • safety pins
  • eye dressing
  • pen/pencil and notepad
  • cold pack
  • small plastic or metal splints
  • liquid soap
  • adhesive strip bandages, plastic bags for cloths, gauze, and other materials used in handling blood
  • any emergency medication needed for a child with special needs
  • list of emergency phone numbers and families’ home and work phone numbers