Good tooth brushing

Routine brushing after lunch and snacks has the double benefit of cleaning teeth and establishing a good habit. The most effective teaching technique is to actually brush your teeth with the children.

How to Brush

  1. Give each child a cup of clean water.
  2. Wet the tooth brush in the cup of water.
  3. Brush using a circular scrubbing motion to cover the teeth from the gums over every biting edge from all directions and on all surfaces. Don’t worry if children don’t yet have the skill to do it well.
  4. After scrubbing the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth, brush back and forth on the biting surfaces.
  5. Brush the tongue.
  6. Rinse by taking a mouthful of water, swishing, and spitting back into the cup.

Things You Need

  • An individual, small tooth brush with soft, rounded, nylon bristles for the exclusive use of each child.
    • Label each tooth brush by name and make sure children don’t share them.
    • When the bristles become bent, replace the tooth brush. Routinely replace brushes about every three months.
  • Each child should have a cup of water. You don’t need a sink to practice good tooth brushing, and using a sink actually makes the process more difficult for a group of children.

Storing Toothbrushes

Store tooth brushes so:

  • they stay clean and open to the air
  • the bristles are up and are not touching anything

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