Basic playground safety rules

Teach children the following playground safety rules:

For all Equipment:

  • Look for cushioning playground surfacing under and around any equipment. Don’t play on equipment if the cushioning surface isn’t there.

For Swings:

  • Sit in the center of the swing.  Never stand or kneel.
  • Hold on with both hands.
  • Stop the swing before getting off.
  • Stay far away from moving swings.
  • Be sure only one person is on a swing at a time.
  • Don’t swing empty swings or twist unoccupied rings.
  • Keep head and feet out of the exercise rings.

For Slides:

  • Wait your turn.  Give the person ahead lots of room.
  • Hold on with both hands climbing up.
  • Before sliding down, make sure no one is in front.
  • Slide down feet first, sitting up, one at a time unless the slide is double or triple width.
  • After sliding down, get away from the front of the slide.
  • Check whether metal slides that have been in the sun are too hot to use.
  • Use slides one-way only – climb up the steps and slide down the slide.

For Climbing Apparatus:

  • Only a certain number of people at a time (Decide upon what number of children can safely play on each apparatus)
  • Use both hands, and use the lock grip (fingers and thumbs).
  • Stay away from other climbers.
  • Don’t use when wet.

For Horizontal Ladders and Bars:

  • Only __ people at a time (fill in your limit).
  • Everybody starts at the same end and goes in the same direction.
  • Use the lock grip (fingers and thumbs).
  • Keep a big space between you and the person in front.
  • Don’t use when wet.
  • Drop down with knees bent.  Try to land on both feet.

For Seesaws:

(Seesaws are not recommended in general but, if used, the seesaw should be a spring-type, counterbalanced model, or it should be used only by older children.)

  • Sit up straight and face each other.
  • Hold on tight with both hands.
  • Keep feet out from underneath the board.
  • Tell your partner when you want to get off.  Get off carefully, and hold your end so it rises slowly until your partner’s feet touch the ground.