Cold weather safety

It is healthy for children to play outside in cold weather when dressed correctly:

  • Dress children in a way that is appropriate for the outside temperature and their activity level.  Overdressing children can be as harmful as dressing children too lightly.  Children that are overdressed and play actively will get sweaty and then chilled when the sweat evaporates.
  • Be sure scarves and hoods do not have strings or parts that can get caught on playground equipment.  These can cause strangulation and other serious injuries.

Snow Safety

Encourage children to play in and with the snow, but follow these safety precautions:

  • Teach children to throw only “soft” snowballs.  When the snow is packed hard or when children put rocks or other items in them, snowballs can become dangerous.  Being hit in the face or head with this type of snowball can cause serious injury.
  • Be sure children do not throw snowballs into parking lots, streets, or at moving cars.
  • Don’t let children eat the snow.  Although eating snow is fun, it is not healthy, particularly in cities, where it can contain dirt or toxic atmospheric substances.
  • Keep children dry.  Wet clothing allows rapid cooling and frostbite.