Place doorknob covers on doors to prevent children from opening them.  As soon as a child can stand, he or she will begin trying to turn doorknobs.  If successful, a child is likely to wander off, perhaps unnoticed, and get into danger.  Doorknob covers prevent children from opening doors while still allowing adults to use them.

Other common accidents include finger-pinch injuries and bumps from doors being opened into children.

To avoid these problems:

  • Use doors with large windows so you can see at child height on both sides of the door.
  • Install finger-pinch protection devices that are available commercially.  For the hinge gap area on the door, use a strip of durable and flexible material like indoor-outdoor carpeting held by molding strips screwed onto the door and door jamb.
  • Install devices that slow the door closing, giving extra time for children to enter or exit without getting caught in the door.

Download the indoor safety poster