Electrical wiring

Childproof electrical wiring by following these guidelines:

  • Cover unused outlets with covers that have spring-loaded cover plates or similar safety mechanisms.
  • Do not use removable plastic plugs; they attract some children and are choking hazards.
  • Cover outlets in use with screw-in plug covers, especially near sinks and where young children can reach them.  Many types of child resistive shock guards and outlet covers are available in hardware and baby equipment stores.
  • Use extension cords only when absolutely necessary, and follow these guidelines:
    • Never run an extension cord underneath a carpet or rug; it may become worn or frayed and cause a fire.
    • Never run cords through doorways or walls.
    • Do not nail extension cords to the wall.
    • Extension cord guards are commercially available to reduce tripping hazards and keep cords out of the reach of infants and toddlers.  Young children may bite on cords, getting an electric shock and mouth burns.

Download the indoor safety poster