Indoor safety

Every day check to keep these items out of children’s’ reach:

  • Poisonous things:
    • medicines, vitamins, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, cigarettes, gasoline
  • Purses (of both staff and visitors)
  • Hot items:
    • pots on the stove, coffeemaker, hot cups of coffee and tea
  • Sharp objects:
    • scissors, tools, plastic wrap, wax paper, aluminum foil or other packages with sharp edges, glass bottles, jars or drinking glasses
  • All items that could cause choking:
    • keys, coins, paperclips, small batteries, small toys, or toys with small pieces, trash bags or plastic bags
  • Cut up food into small pieces for children under three
  • In the bathroom: place all objects that cause electrical shock out of children’s reach
  • Trash should be covered and out of children’s reach

Each month check that the following actions have been performed:

  • Childproof latches are installed on all drawers and cabinets containing dangerous items
  • All poisons are stored in their original containers
  • All poisons, including medicines and pet supplies, are stored away from food products
  • If you use a toy chest, the lid has been removed or you have installed air holes and a special slow closing latch. Shelving toys is safer than using a toy chest.
  • Electrical cords are away from children’s reach
  • Furniture is placed away from shelves with sharp, chokeable, or breakable objects or near dangling cords from curtains or shades
  • Electrical cords do not run under rugs
  • All space heaters have been removed
  • Radiators and hot water pipes are barricaded
  • Electrical outlets are covered with safety covers and plugs
  • Inside doors to rooms and closets that lock can be unlocked

Download the Indoor Safety Poster