Outdoor safety

Every day, before the children go out to play, check for hazards. Whenever a hazard is found, fix it if you can. If you cannot fix it, make a note of it and plan to get it fixed.

Every day check the play area for:

  • Broken glass, bottles, cans, ropes, toys, school supplies left there by others
  • Animal waste
  • Trash
  • Play equipment and surfaces are clear of debris and in good repair
  • Empty standing water from containers such as wading pools, pails, and ice chests when they are not in use
  • Lock or barricade storage areas such as garages, barns, and sheds so children can’t get to dangerous materials

Each month check:

  • Is the play area fenced securely if it is near dangerous areas such as a busy street, lake, river, pond, well, railroad tracks or trash dump?
  • Is play equipment placed at least 2 meters (6 feet) away from vehicles, buildings, fences walkways, trees, large rocks, and other play equipment?
  • Cover the sandbox or sand play area when it is not in use
  • Use a sprinkler or hose for water play instead of a wading pool
  • Secure plastic caps over protruding bolts or screws on play equipment
  • Completely close S hooks used on swings

Download the Outdoor Safety Poster