Good supervision is a critical part of helping to prevent injuries.

In general:

  • Arrange the child care area so that it is possible to see all children from one point.
  • At least one adult should be present at all times.
  • Plan your daily schedule so you will be able to supervise children at all times – even during meal preparation and cleanup.

For high-risk activities:

  • An adult should stand within an arm’s reach of a child doing an activity that could lead to injury.  Staying close allows for quick intervention when a challenge becomes an unacceptable risk.
  • Children and adults need to have clear rules about what is allowed and have those rules restated often.

Special Advice for Group Care Settings

Caring for children in a group setting is different from caring for your own children in your own home. More children of the same age usually are in a care program. Group care also involves a relatively high level of activity during waking hours and sharing of an environment by children whose usual rules of behavior differ from one another.

  • Be vigilant about keeping track of every child.
  • Assign specific children to the supervision of a specific caregiver and have that caregiver routinely count and check the activity of those children at preset intervals.
  • Post rules near dangerous equipment.
  • Post key rules as “dos” rather than “don’ts”.  This reminds you to tell the children in a positive way about what they may do.