Diapering hazards

Some dangers to watch for:

  • Don’t let children mouth supplies; a child mouthing a container might ingest some of the contents.
  • Powder can be dangerous if inhaled.
  • Lotions and creams can be toxic if swallowed.
  • Many commercial sanitizers are toxic if swallowed and can cause irritation if they get into the eye.
  • Keep the sanitizing solution well out of reach of children. The recommended dilution of household bleach and water is not toxic but it can be irritating if sprayed into the eyes or mouth.


To keep from spreading germs, bring only the supplies that will be used up in the course of a diaper change to the changing table. The surfaces of containers of lotion, cream, wipes, or any other materials used in diaper changing will become contaminated and can spread the contamination around the child care area.


While changing diapers, be sure to always keep one hand on the baby.

Keeping Children Entertained

Caregivers should be careful about giving potentially dangerous or hard-to-sanitize items to children to “keep them occupied” during diaper changing. Instead, have laminated pictures or other easily washed and sanitized toys, mirrors, or interesting objects hanging out of reach and talk with the child at this special one-on-one time.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder should not be used on babies at all because some inevitably gets into the air and can be inhaled and damage the lungs.

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