Diapering is a time to warmly interact with a child. Be sure to follow all the steps to avoid spreading disease or accidentally injuring a child.

How-to steps:

  1. Check to be sure you have all the supplies you need.
  2. Place a disposable cover, such as paper, on the diapering surface. The cover should be long enough to extend from the child’s shoulders to feet. Diaper contents sometimes escape up the child’s back. You may need to fold up the part under the feet to avoid contaminating the clean skin and diaper after you have removed the soiled diaper and cleaned the child’s bottom.
  3. Place the child on the diapering surface. Always have at least ONE hand on the child. Never leave the child unattended.
  4. Remove the soiled diaper and clothes. Put diapers in a lined, covered step can; do not dispose of them in the toilet. Place soiled clothes or cloth diapers in a plastic bag to be taken home.
  5. Clean the child’s bottom. Wipe front to back using a wet, single-use wash cloth or wipe for each time you wipe. You will need as many cloths or wipes as it requires to remove all the urine and stool from the skin, using each for only one wipe from front to back. Allow skin to air dry or pat it dry with the clean diaper when you get to that step. Dispose of the wash cloths or wipes in a lined covered step can. If you are wearing non-porous gloves to do the diaper change, remove and discard them in the step-can at this point.
  6. Wipe your hands with a wet wash cloth or wipe. Dispose of it in the lined, covered step can.
  7. Diaper or dress the child.
  8. Wash the child’s hands. Assist the child back to the group.
  9. Remove the disposable covering from the diapering surface. Wash the surface area and sanitize it using the spray method with the bleach solution made fresh daily. Make the bleach solution by mixing 16-20 ml of household bleach in 1 liter of water (1 tablespoon bleach per quart of water).
  10. Wash YOUR hands.

Download the Diapering Poster